About Danca

Founded in the Netherlands in 1997 on the principle of life time comfort. Danca moved its operations to Turkey in 2001, producing its seating groups in a 5000m2 facility in Bursa’s Kestel Industrial Zone.

While exporting predominantly to the Netherlands, Danca has widened its scope, exporting also to the United States, Kuwait, Dubai, Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  In 2009, Danca’s network of rep showrooms extended further to include sales points in Turkey.

As well as their own collection under their own name, Danca also produces ‘private label’ custom furniture lines for other wholesale brands.

Danca’s years of accumulative experience pivoting on ergonomic design result in well-made, healthful, and comfortable furniture designed and built to last for many years. Danca’s “Second Skin” furniture make its brand the leader in seating group sets in Turkey.